Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US with a population of about one million. Although it’s a small Island, it has a lot to offer a tourist. Well, Rhode Island is the perfect summer destination. It has a diverse climate. Winters have ice and cold, paralyzing blizzards while summer is warm and enchanting.

Notably, it has numerous beaches which earn it the name Ocean State. There are breathtaking and unmatched events in this Island, spectacular scenarios, distinct and unmatched flavors, honest smiles and plenty of light heartedness. A stay at Rhode Island is a once in a lifetime experience.

Rhode Island is a very eco-friendly state where recycling is a big issue. An odd, but interesting fact is that along with California and Connecticut, the state of Rhode Island has passed a laws that will now make mattress recycling obligatory (source: Mattress-Inquirer.com).

Here are our top eight reasons why you should visit Rhode Island.

  1. History
    Rhode Island is located in New England, which is one of earliest settled areas in the US. Europeans fleeing religious persecution settled in Rhode Island as early as 1600. This makes the Island rich in history.An example of a historical town in Rhode Island is Newport. The town has colonial homes and famous mansions. A famous home in Newport is The Breakers, a 70-room estate built by the Vanderbilts, and which served as their summer home in the early 1900’s.While at Newport you can stay at any one of its luxurious and comfortable hotels. Such hotels include Castle Hill Inn and Grace Vanderbilt.
  2. Food
    Rhode Island has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and also has plenty of Portuguese and Italian migrant populations. This cultural diversity of the inhabitants and closeness to sea gives the Island some great options when it comes to food. The seafood here is fresh, and some of the best in all the US.If you wish to indulge in some of America’s finest when it comes to dining, Rhode Island is a must-visit place. The food offerings here are diverse, unique and you will have a wide array to choose from. You also get some very good quick bites at Rhode Island.If you love donuts, you will find Allie’s at Rhode Island, probably the world’s best. As well, nothing better to beat the summer heat than a drink of frozen lemonade. You can get some of the best-frozen lemonade in America at Del’s, here in Rhode Island.
  3. WaterFire
    This takes place on the canals of Providence. It is an art and music installation that happens on scheduled nights. It is one of the best events you can experience in the United States.The WaterFire experience is a breathtaking display of fireworks that float on water. It centers on about 100 bonfires that are lit on the surface of three rivers that flow through the center of Providence. The fires illuminate the surroundings during this breathtaking event, designed by a local artist, Barnaby Evans.The event takes place between May and November. It is an exhilarating experience to watch the fleet of artists travelling along the rivers with lighted torches and to listen to the extravagant music. If you happen to travel to Providence for this event, some good hotels to stay in are such as Hampton Inn and Suites Providence Downtown, Hilton Garden Inn Providence and Hilton Providence.
  4. Block Island
    The Island is so named after a Dutch explorer who arrived at the Island called Adriaen Block. It is in the Atlantic Ocean, 13 miles from the mainland. It is one of the most attractive and popular Islands in North America.It is a favorite of those who love the outdoors because it has miles of hiking trails. Whether you want to paddleboard, spend a relaxing day at the beach, enjoy a kayak ride or a vigorous bike ride, you can do it on this Island. It’s a fun place that’s peaceful and has lots of adventure for all ages.Block Island has virgin beaches, striking cliffs and stone hills. An attraction on the Island is Southeast lighthouse. While visiting Block Island, you can stay at Hotel Manisses, Surf Hotel, or Ballard’s Resort among others.
  5. Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence
    This zoo was opened in 1872, and one of the oldest in the US. The zoo is one of Rhode Island’s most popular tourist attractions, receiving over 650,000 people every year. It is located in the historic Roger Williams Park.The park is an enchanting place to be that recreates an experience of the different continents. Over 100 species of rare and intriguing animals live at the Roger Williams Park. The popular zoo at the park has been praised by the New York Times as one of the best zoos in the US for its conservation efforts.
  6. Jamestown
    This is a traditional village with around 5,000 inhabitants in Newport County. Here the land is preserved in its natural state and wildness, which is a refreshing contrast to the multicolored skyline of Rhode Island. The beauty of a summer sunset and early evening at Jameson is best observed from a cliff.Jameson is an ideal place to go horse riding and cycling because it has plenty of open spaces. It is a natural getaway where one goes to feel rejuvenated and renewed. It can be accessed by fast ferry which departs from the nearby Newport or by crossing the Newport Bridge.
  7. Aquidneck Island and Newport Vineyards, Newport
    Newport vineyards are on a hill overlooking Rhode Island and were first planted in 1977. The vineyard was started to produce fine wines. The best of these plantations, however, are on Aquidneck Island.Aquidneck Island is considered one of the best prime areas for agricultural production in the US. The climate at this Island is ideal for the farming that is carried out there. Aquidneck Island is unmatched for holding your events, having dinner or just enjoying tasting regional wines.
  8. Providence Place Mall
    If shopping is one of your favorite pastimes, there is no better place to do this than Providence Place Mall while you are in Rhode Island. It is the largest mall in the state. It is easily accessible by subway or car.It has numerous cafes and restaurants to cater for any budget as well as almost any palate. The structure housing the mall is 9 floors and includes a cinema, a theater, and two huge parking lots.