Taking A Tour Of Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is one of the top destinations in Italy and houses numerous attractions that bring thousands of tourists and locals together all year round. One good thing about Tuscany is its mild weather which promotes year-round visits and there is never a bad time to enjoy the beauties of Tuscany. Whether you are into centennial history, artistic legacy or a lover of great ancient architecture, water activities, wine exhibitions and tours, Tuscany offers it all. Food, culture and entertainment are also quite elaborate and diverse. There are several tours of Tuscany arranged by different tour companies in the region and finding one should not be a problem. However, not all tour offers you come across will be desirable. It is very important carefully review the existing tours before you join one.

How To Go About Finding The Best Tours

As aforementioned, you will probably come across many companies that offer a tour of Tuscany and all promote their offers as the ultimate choices in the market. Unfortunately, this claim is not often true and some companies simply provide much better experiences than the rest. Your ultimate goal should be to find a tour that exposes you to the best Tuscany has to offer and also features all the services and conveniences you need. The two most important things to consider before paying for any tour of Tuscany include the following;

  • Tour reputation – The general vibe surrounding a given offer can help you determine if it will meet your needs. In fact, the easiest way to gauge the level of quality and entertainment any given tour company offers is through reviewing their reputation. Companies that have been offering top tours of Tuscany for a long time will definitely have a good reputation within the area and among users. Simply look at comments, complaints, testimonials and reviews from previous clients to learn a few insights from their experiences. If there are too many complaints and negative reviews, this should reflect undesirable offers and services.
  • Experience and professionalism – It is generally advisable to choose tour companies that have offered tours of Tuscany for a long time. Although long-serving companies do not necessarily offer top quality services, they are often associated with streamlined service provision and frameworks to ensure customer satisfaction. They also have many years of experience and are better placed to take you on a tour of Tuscany’s best attraction sites based on your unique requirements. Choose professionals who are credible and relied upon by the locals for such tours.

There are other minor considerations to make like customer service, communication, affordability, flexibility, tour routes, attraction sites to be visited and capacity among many more. As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to review all these aspects separately before looking into price matters and then make a decision.

Tour of Vineyard in Tuscany

Some popular reputed tours of Tuscany

  1. Tuscany in one day – This is one of the most popular tours of Tuscany people take. It starts from Florence and passes through Siena, the Gothic Cathedral, San Gimignano, Pisa and Chianti. This one day tour gives you a seat in comfy luxury air-conditioned coaches from which you can savor ecstatic moments through the laid back countryside of Italy. You can also enjoy Tuscany’s delicacies at the Organic wine estate and take shots of the leaning tower. It is simply the best one-day tour of Tuscany hills and Siena.
  2. Florence super saver – Combine two different tours to Florence and Tuscany with this incredible offer; there is so much to view and enjoy. It starts with a 3 hour walk across Ponte Vecchio and proceeds to Florence Duomo, Uffizi gallery and Accademia gallery. You can choose small group tours of 25 people or pick to view the art independently without hurry. This is among the most visited tours of Tuscany especially for those who love art and history.


There are other tours available to help tourists view Tuscany in detail and enjoy their time. However, these two are simply the best as they offer great views and stops at some of the most prolific attractions in the area. The first suites enthusiast type individuals who want to explore the countryside, culture and history while on a luxury couch while the second tour focuses more on in-house exploration of history, culture and art. You can always find other top tours of Tuscany that will suite your needs.